4 Stick Win to Phil

Wednesday saw 22 men on the Royal Yea fairways. Unfortunately 2 players forgot that it was a 4 stick day and played with a full set of clubs! Many found that 4 was better than the usual 14 as scores were better than in recent times!

Winner with 35 points was new member Phillip Armstrong(24) from second Carl Maffei(23) with 34 points. Third with 33 points was Neil Ross(38) from Martin Lowe(16) and Gary Pollard(12) both on 32. Jeff Aurisch was NTP on the 18th and Ivor Brayley won the Club Award on CB from Trevor Connell. Saturday is Stableford with the first round of the Prideaux Cup being played. Check the website for times and playing conditions for Saturday(posted Friday night). Remember to send a copy of scores to Pelly and also Brian Simmons (0438 135 637) for eclectic scoring.

4 Stick Event – 27th May

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