Better Scores Today

Saturday saw the men come out to play with 26 members on course! With plenty of sunshine but plenty of wind, the conditions were improved since Wednesday but it was still fairly cold. Even so, there were some hot scores with the day’s winner with 39 points on CB being Jeff Aurisch(17) from second Sam Wright(22), third with 38 points was Chris Smith(24) followed by fourth Ken Whitfort(8) with 37 points and fifth Kevin Coghlan19) with 35 points. Jonathon Fisher was NTP on the 18th and the Club President Ivor won the Club Award.

The N.J. Murray Trophy, the first board event completed this year, was won by Jeff Aurisch with 69 points from second Kevin Coghlan with 65 points. Presentations including ball winners will be made when we can access the Clubrooms sometime in early June.

2nd Round N.J. Murray
Jeff Aurisch(on right) keeping his social distance with Carl Maffei after the game

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