First Round Prideaux Cup

The first round of the Prideaux Cup was played on a sunny but slightly windy Saturday at Royal Yea Golf Course. We had 27 in the field with Sue Aurisch joining the boys for a hit. Winner of the day with a marvellous 39 points was Carl Maffei(23). He now has a clear 6 point lead in the Cup from second to sixth with 5 players on 33 points. Second on CB was Jeff Aurisch(17), third was Gary Pollard(12), fourth was Ray Partridge(27), fifth was Greg Clements(16) and Sixth was Martin Lowe(16). Martin was NTP on the 10th for 2 and John Tanner won the Club Award.

First Round results of the Club Knockout saw Phil Armstrong, Greg Clements and Wayne Rowe move onto the second round with victories on Saturday.

Wednesday saw a stableford round contested on fairly wet ground although played in some sunshine. Winner on CB from his best mate was Michael Spagnolo(7) with 35 points. Ken Whitfort(7) was unluckily second. Third was consistent Jeff Aurisch(17) with 34 from fourth Brian Simmons(11) with 33. There was no NTP on the 2nd and Graeme Bryant won the Club Award. Bob Glenister and Russell Wealands had wins in their first round matches in the Club Knockout.

Stableford June 3rd

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