Big Week of Golf

Seven pairs contested an Ambrose Event on Wednesday at Royal Yea. Winners with a score of 69 nett 60 were Michael Spagnolo(7) and Brian Priestley(29). Runner’s Up were Gary Pollard(11) and Jeff Aurisch(18) with 74 nett 66 3/4 . NTP was Jeff Aurisch on the 18th and Rob O’Halloran and John Anderson took out the Club Award. Thursday saw six men attend Dalhousie Vets at Euroa. Best of the Yealiens was John Anstey with 39 points.

Grand Final Holiday Crowd.

Friday saw the inaugural Grand final Stableford and 4BBB at Yea. 52 players competed with golfers coming from Gardiner’s Run, Marysville, Seymour, Alexandra, Broadford and Kilmore. Winner of the best Stableford score was Club President Ivor Brayley(29) with 40 points. Best of the Ladies was Sue Aurisch(38) with 39 points. Peter Johnston(15) and Vicki Clements(25) won the 4BBB with 45 points on CB from new member David Webb-Ware(36) and Phil Taylor(18). NTP on the 18th were Jane Fletcher(Seymour) and John Browning(Gardiner’s Run). Mark Borland won the Chip-off from Bob Glenister.

Ivor receives his Trophy.
Sue Aurisch with Captain Alan
Vicky, Alan and Peter

Saturday saw two teams of four contest an Ambrose Event at Yea before the Grand-Final. Winners with a nett 59 1/2 were Rick Wills(9), Jeff Aurisch(18), Michael Spagnolo(7) and Carl Maffei(21).

John Tanner dropped this putt for birdie on Saturday

Reminder that the limited membership of $150 is still available til November. It is great to see new members getting involved and using our course.

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