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FROM THE PRESIDENT’S DESK                             EDITION 1.​​​    JULY 18, 2019                                                   


Hello, all,

This is the first of many regular up-dates which will  hopefully serve to keep you, the Members, informed of Board Meetings and general news from around the Club:

Vicki Clements

First, and foremost, I wish to mention Vicki and her decision to stand-down as Secretary – a position she has held for six years.

I’m sure everyone will agree Vicki has excelled in the role.  And, on behalf of the Board we thank her for her tremendous efforts and for her gracious and likeable manner throughout.

Terry Chaplin

Also announcing that he will be stepping down from the Club Committee was Terry Chaplin. He will continue to be Bar Manager.

Terry has been involved on committee and as a past Treasurer of the Club over many years. His support and contribution to our club has been outstanding.

Newspaper Advertising

The Club will be advertising in the Yea Chronicle, and, in the Free Local Paper, in order to attract new Members to the Club.  We are offering the following Membership discounts;

$150 for the first twelve months

$250 for the second year

$390 the usual Membership fee, thereafter.

Ground Staff

Congratulations to all of the hard-working ground-staff for always doing a fantastic job.

In particular, special thanks to Jeff Aurisch, who has just finished the irrigation system, covering the complete course.  Thank-you Jeff, and to everyone who helped Jeff with his work; including Peter Keast, and Greg Clements.

Welcome to the Board:

During the Board Meeting of Tuesday, July 16, we welcomed to the Board, Doreen Lehmann, and Wayne Rowe.  Doreen is Ladies Vice-Captain of the Yea Golf Club, and Wayne, a Member of  the Yea Golf Club.


Cheryl Roberts, and Peter Keast are in hospital.  We wish them both a speedy recovery and we hope to see their happy faces around the Club very soon

To finish – a quote from former U.S. President, JFK;

“Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”

The same applies at Royal Yea Golf Club!  

Good golfing everyone!


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