3rd Round of Gender Competition

12 men and 9 ladies competed in the Gender Competition on Wednesday.  Winner of the day and men’s competition was Ken Whitford(7) with a fine 75 off the stick nett 68.  Second on CB was Ivor Brayley(25) with 68 also.  Third was Peter Williams(26) with a nett 69.

Second for the Ladies was Cheryl Roberts(29) with a nett 71.  Jeff Aurisch was NTP on the 14th, with Carl Maffei taking out the Club Award.

Not surprisingly Miranda won the Ladies putting with 26 putts and Ken the men’s with 23 putts.

Gender Points:

K.Whitford.  20

I.Brayley.      10

M.Gill.             5

P.Williams       2

Team Average – Men. 5

Total Men  84 Ladies 40.

There is no golf at Yea on Saturday due to the races.

There is  golf at Marysville Saturday with a mixed competition and Sunday a men’s tournament.

Golf will also be at Yea on Sunday 10:00am hitoff to avoid the heat.



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