Girls on the Charge

The Gender Competition continued on Wednesday with 23 players playing in a stableford event. Winner of the day and the Ladies was Sue Aurisch(36) with 40 points.  Second for the girls was Christine Symons(25) with 38 points with Di Elliot(23) third on CB with 37 from Jan Wealands(33).

Di Elliot finished 3rd for the ladies

Winner of the boys was Peter Williams(27) with 38 points, second was Neil Peterson(14) with 37 and third was Gary Pollard(8) on CB with 35 points from Bill Dredge(24).  Michael Spagnolo was NTP on the 18th.  It was great to see Kevin Coghlan midweek on the course.  He won the Club Award.

Gender points for the Ladies 40 + Sue 20 + Christine 5 + Di 2 + team av. 5 = 72.

Men 84 + Peter 10 = 94.


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