Gender Challenge Rd 1

Wednesday saw the start of GC competition with a stableford round at Royal Yea Golf Club. Thirty five players were involved with 22 men and 13 ladies. This year a handicap is being trialed with the uneveness of participation being a concern in the past. If one gender has more than 4 – 8 players more, then the leading player plus the last player of that gender are not included. If 9+ players more then the top two plus the last two players are not included in the Gender Challenge.

Winner of the Men’s Competition was 13 year old Eddie Waghorn(30) with 40 points, second was Anthony Coleman(5) with 36 points and third was new member Craig Blake(32) with 35 points. Fourth was Gary Pollard(15) 34 and fifth Neil Peterson on CB from four others with 33. The Ladies Winner was Jan Wealands(32) from Penny Brittain(35), Lorraine Callander(18) and Karen Sangster(24) all on 36 points. Jan Wealands and Michael Sheather were NTP on the 14th and Rob Gill was the lucky $10 Club Award winner.

So with the two person handicap applied, the winner of the Gender Competition was Jan Wealands (25 points), second was Penny Brittain(20 points), third Lorraine Callander(15 points), fourth Karen Sangster(10 points) and fifth Craig Blake(5 points). The team average(10 points) went to the Men 29.1 to the Ladies 28.0. Overall 1st Round score total – Ladies 70 – Men 15.

Saturday saw a mixed stableford competition but no Ladies participated. The men needed the practice!! Winner was Bill Dredge(23) on CB from rising star. Eddie Waghorn(27) and Peter Johnston(18) all on 37 points. Fourth was Allan Coates(11) with 35 on CB from Zach Pell, Mic Spagnolo and Martin Lowe. Captain Alan took out the Club Award being the only player in the twenties with 29 points!!

Martin Lowe Wins Xmas Chooklotto

Many thanks to John Tanner for running the exciting Chooklotto Competition again this year. In a reverse draw to the last man standing for Xmas it came down to Martin and Mic Spagnolo with Martin winning! Rumour has it that they prearranged to split the $150!

Gender Competition will continue Wednesday with 8:00 for 8:30 hit-off. It is a stroke and putting day. Please book-in as it assists in arranging groups for play.

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