Weather Still a Hindrance!

Just when we think we are on the improve, lulled into thinking Spring is on it’s way, warmer weather looming. No, we are still experiencing a myriad of weather conditions, still changing day to day , minute to minute, making the game of golf a bit of a conundrum. Our poor course has been in total confusion, dry , wet, dry, wet. One day all will change, of that , I am sure. But until then we will take what is dealt to us.

Numbers down again on the 12th. Three ladies took to the course, to try their luck. Lucky me won the day, but, that was not, what, was the most enjoyable moment of the day. Not having an extremely easy time of the course, we were so pleased to see, Sue Aurisch, have a very momentous moment. Not only did she she get a gobbler, but also followed up, with it being a Birdie. Much jumping up and down, squeals of excitement. Those are the moments that make us golfers return. To try to replicate, said moment, again and again. Well done Sue!

Wednesday 16th, 9 players fronted, for another of the Monthly Medals up for grabs. Judging by the scores, the course, another hard day at the office. But we have to have a winner, and once again Adrianne Anglin (12) 80, showing her form, won the Monthly Medal, and myself Karen Sangster (27) 83 runner up. There wasn’t a NTP, but Chris Simmons managed a gobbler.

Saturday the 19th, 7 players, playing Stableford for the day, a little sun appearing, just to let us know, it is still around. Todays winner, Vicki Clements (26) 29 and again, myself runner up, with a 28. Gobblers today Vicki Clements and Sue Aurisch. No NTP. Go girls!

Wednesday23rd, was to be our Event to raise money for Cancer day. But alas, disaster hit again. Another deluge of rain on Tuesday, had the organisers cancelling the event Tuesday evening. Going to be too wet.

Those that our Captain referred to, as the, DIE HARDS, could come and try for a hit if they wished. I am pleased to say 9 of us DIE HARDS appeared to slog our way around the course, a very wet one at that. Stableford was the choice of the day.

Today was not one lacking entertainment in the least. Thankfully the sun came out to warm the souls. Lost balls were a thing for today, getting plugged into the depths of China. Adrianne was really trying hard to loose her ball, fortunately, I discovered same ball twice. It really didn’t want to get lost. But the comedy goes on happening, the joys of a wet course. Three of us were merrily making our way along the fairways, two walking, another in a cart. Whoops, on crossing a drain, we decided to hesitate, and that’s where it stayed. At least for a little while. After much effort, instructions, laughter etc, we succeeded. The cart and owner, still looking immaculate, slip sliding away to dryer pastures. Which of course, left behind the two of us looking somewhat, worse for wear. Our clothes taking on a totally new mud splattered effect. A new look, we decided which probably wouldn’t sell very well in the fashion stakes. I discovered dark colours really show up mud when it dries, and also, it really, really sticks.

It was back then to playing golf. Todays winner, whom I might add, was very surprised. Young Penny Britton (38) having a 35. Go Penny! Runner up Adrianne Anglin (12) 30, having a gobbler to boot. No NTP. Well done girls.

I would also like to take the opportunity to congratulate Adrianne Anglin, on being chosen, once again, to participate in the DDGA Country Teams event, being held later in September. Well done, and may you, and the Teams, have great success, returning with the Trophy!!!! Happy Golfing All and may the weather shine upon us for dryer courses.

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