Golf Emerging from the depths of Winter!

Just like Spring bulbs, Golfers are emerging from the depths, of a cold wet winter, where the golf ball and the feet had been disappearing, into the soft wet soil. Hopefully not the feet, but the balls never to be seen again, although you thought you knew where they landed. Slowly going, are the cold days, where no one wanted to venture out. Golfers are retuning to try their luck. Fairways are able to be mowed, balls found and the feet do not disappear into a soggy hole. Golf becoming enjoyable once again. Soon the holiday makers will also return to boost the numbers.

Fields of two, maybe three have have been the norm during the month of June/July. Events cancelled, hoping for a dryer day. The biggest field was 6, on June 21st, where Adrianne Anglin (12) 31 winning. Runner up Meryl Connell won on a countback from Sharon Grogan both on 26.

June 17th, 24th, 1st July, 5th, & 8th, victory’s were shared between Vicki Clements and myself, Karen Sangster. Once again on the 12th, 3 people played for a Monthly Medal, winner Adrianne Anglin and myself runner up.

Finally on the 5th July, weather improving encouraged 5 players onto the course. Called for a bit of excitement. Winner for the day myself (26) 85 on a countback from Cindy Armstrong (36) 85. I also managed a NTP and Cindy claimed a gobbler.

Six players on the 19th a win for Adrianne Anglin (12) 30 Runner up Jo Clayton (25) 26 and on the 26th 9 players. Today a little bit of excitement, three players coming in with a score of 31. On a countback another win for Adrianne , runner up Margie Wright from Penny Britton third. Well done girls.

29th another 6 players, today we hit the repeat button. Winner Karen Sangster (26) 33 and Runner up Cindy Armstrong (37) 26. Sue Aurisch a gobbler.

Now we hit the month of August, course looking and playing a treat. The event today a 2 person Ambrose. Whoops odd numbers, but not a problem. Adrianne basically played two games, what a legend. Not only that, Team Adrianne and Judy Newman (14) 65 secured first place, then not to be outdone. Adrianne and Meryl Connell (10) 73 took out 2nd place. Top effort girls.

5th August ,5 players for the day, playing the unforgiving game PAR. Always a hard game, and even harder on a heavy course. But once again, the repeat button first Karen Sangster (26) -6, runner up Cindy Armstrong (37) -10. Boy, were we glad that day was over.

Last but not least. 9th August. The Sun came out, oh the glorious warmth, layers shed. All looking less like the padded pandas, and STROP PRESS! 10 players graced the field. We are on a comeback big time. Today the 4th round of the Silver Spoon and Putting the order of the day. Obviously Adrianne Anglin (12) really liked the warmer weather, a blossoming flower, having a great day out. Winning both events for the day with a 77 and 28 Putts. Go Girl! Runner up Penny Britton (38) 83 on a countback from Karen Sangster (26) also on 83. NTP today was Cheryl Roberts, her first day out for quiet a long time, returning from surgery etc. made her day out more special. Congratulations Girls!!! I am now caught up to date. HAPPY GOLFING and may the warmth continue and the bulbs bloom to their best potential!! See you all on the course.

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