Wins keep happening

What an exciting time for the Yea Golf Club, not only wins happening, but wow 100 year celebrations on the go. Quite an iconic year.

Monday, for us it was a trip to Euroa, for the last, but not least, game of pennant. This one deciding just who are going to be the two, left in the finals. Once again, the weather did not disappoint us, sunshine a plenty. The host club putting on a very impressive display. Course was magnificent, Today it was Team Karen Sangster, Margie Wright, Vicki Clements, Di Elliott and Sue Aurisch to battle it out with the girls from Trentham. We did a sterling job considering the pressure. Today it was two wins, two losses and a square, thus making the whole day a square. It was then a waiting game to see how the other teams ended their matches, the wins, losses or squares determining the outcome. Finally the announcement came. Each and everyone holding their breath. We are very pleased to say Team Yea made the finals along with team Marysville. So it is off to Broadford next Monday. Both teams will be trying their best to come home with the much desired pennant flag. GO YEA!!!!

Wednesday it was another important event. The Margaret Samblebe Brooch. Margaret was a member of the club from 1989 until 1996. During this time Margaret held the position of handicap manager. The brooch was donated by her family in memory of Margaret, in 1996. As a player can only win one brooch, she will not be presented with another, but, will have her name included on the shield. This year, also, the second round of the Silver Spoon, to be completed. 10 Ladies today, and welcome back Di Holdsworth, (our wonderful food organiser) Many found it a little tricky today, but not our winner. Sharon Grogan (30) having 36 points to take the day, both the brooch, and the round of the silver spoon. Congratulations. Runner up Adrianne Anglin (11) 33 points. No NTP but there were plenty of gobblers Penny Britton, Jan Wealands, Sharon Grogan, Vicki Clements and Adrianne Anglin. Trying to avoid the putting girls? Enjoy the celebrations everyone and wish us luck. Happy Golfing everyone!

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