Pair -22 Stableford

12 blokes played Pair 22 on Wednesday. If you and your partner both par with handicap allocation then you both get 2 points which results in a team score of 22 for that hole. If one player only gets a 1pointer and the other 2 then it is a score of 12. If one gets 3 points and the other 2 then it becomes 32. Clear? Anyway the winners with 329 points were Rob O’Halloran(20) and Anthony Coleman(4) with 329 points. Second were Bob Glenister(9) and Martin Lowe(20) with 319. Third were Mic Sheather(30) and Bill Dredge(20) with 285. NTP on the 11th was Bob Glenister and the Club Award winners were Gary Pollard/Phil Armstrong. Individual winner was Bob with 36 points from Runner-Up Anthony Coleman with 35.

Saturday sees the first round of the N.J. Murray Stableford Trophy being played.

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