More Wins for Yea Girls

Monday 24th, another round of Pennant. This time we are off to Seymour Golf Club to play our second round. Rivals today Team Lancefield. Things were looking a little foggy in down town Yea as we packed the cars. We were hoping things would be sunshine and lollipops in Seymour. Low in behold, sure enough, the sun was shining, and the birds were a singing. Today it was Team, Miranda Gill, Margie Wright, Sue Aurisch, myself and another first timer Sharon Grogan setting out to do battle. Once again the nerves were a little frayed around the edges, all hoping that they would not be the one to let the team down. Rest assured, no one let the Team down, whatever the outcome. Everyone did a gallant job. It was such a joy wandering around the course with the sun beating down, warming the cockles of our hearts. Each pair slowly making their way back to the club house to relate, their either, victory or loss. I was still out playing away, oblivious of what the scores were, and unaware, that the pressure was mine, to seal the deal. No hard feelings still chatting away, missed the vision of waiting team members, standing at the window, in expectation, we would relay our scores. Nuh, off to the car park we went, packed our gear away, then wandered into lunch. We were greeted with this, WELL what look. Thankfully, my grin gave it away. We had another win. 3/2 Go girls great job!!!! Still sitting on top of the ladder.

Wednesday 26th, today the Kath Homewood final round. As we know Kath was a very involved member of the Golfing fraternity. Holding many important positions, for many years, and also a life Member. Winning her Trophy, 36 hole stroke aggregate, an honour. This year I Karen Sangster (24) am very humbled to be the one that took the honours. (146) Having a great day out, (72) also winning the daily event, a NTP and a gobbler to top it off. Runner up for the Kath Homewood Adrianne Anglin (150) and Runner up for the daily Margie Wright (25) 75

The winners didn’t stop there. Four girls travelled to Alexandra for their Tournament. Pretty hard day at the office. Not only rain interrupting a nice day, but boy, were the greens being anti-human friendly for most. I Think they were trained. Holes to constrict when anything resembling a little round ball approached, or the surrounds worked in unison, we’ll just spit it here or there, or perhaps put on the brakes just when about to fall in the hole. You could hear them laughing, as if they were playing tag team with our brains. You really had to laugh, otherwise it was the tears. Like I said a hard day at the office for most, but of course some had a good day. Two of our ladies taking home player of the year points. Chris Simmons and Adrianne Anglin. But, hold on! The big announcement for the day. Adrianne Anglin once again proved her great pro golfing game, taking another “BEST SCRATCH” score for the day 89. A Legend. I think I am right in saying this one makes 3 Best Scratch scores so far this year. Valiant effort. Playing on slick greens certainly paid off today. Well done Adrianne may you have many more. WINNERS ARE GRINNERS, GO YEA GIRLS!!!!!!

Adrianne Anglin Best Scratch Score Alexandra 2023
Miranda Gill presenting Winner Kath Homewood 2023 Karen Sangster

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