Girls on a Roll!

Wednesday 12th, a wee wet, plus many away, school hols and all, made for a very small field of 4. But these brave souls dodged the rain drops and went out to practice Match play, hoping to entice some new Pennant player into the team. Happy to report it was a success.

Sat 15th once again another small field of 4, today playing stroke. Winner for the day Margie Wright (25) having a 74. Well done Margie. Tuning up for Monday.

MONDAY WHAT A DAY. HAPPY, HAPPY AND HAPPY DAY!!! The very first Pennant Match for the Season. Always a nerve wracking time. Five young Ladies packed their gear, jumped in their cars and trundled off to Kilmore. The host Club for the day. Our rivals for the day Team Broadford. Yea Team: Consisting of Vicki Clements, Margie Wright, Di Elliott, Sue Aurisch and myself, Karen Sangster, all hopeful that we have a good day. Once again I am elected as Captain. Thanks girls. After gathering all the girls together, finishing the formalities, off we went to the tenth Tee. The coin, tossed and having won, I chose for our Team to play first. I could feel the electricity bouncing from one to the other, nerves being strung like a fine violin string about to break. A cuddle here and there, ease the tension as best we could. Time had come, the first ball left the Tee. All is well, let the game begin. Two of our Team, for them, this being their maiden voyage, to join the joys of a Pennant player. What a great job they did too. The weather a blessing, knew we wanted some warmth. Thankfully I eliminated my rival quickly, but then it was a long wait for my team result. Bit by bit they drifted back all with smiles on their faces. Winners! Then it was down to the last pair, neither giving up, result decided on the last hole. A draw. What a day 4 wins and one draw!!! Well done girls. Awesome effort!!!! We have started on top of the ladder. Go Yea.

Wednesday 19th A field of seven today. another pleasant day. Conditions more to the tune of winter. The atmosphere heavy. Ground damp, but none the less we all had a good day, especially me, having another win. Karen Sangster (24) 32 pts. Runner up Vicki Clements (24) 30 pts. We must have still been in tune from pennant. Margie Wright also in form had the only gobbler for the day.

Thursday, two members travelled to Broadford for their tournament. One having an extremely good day winning the Best Scratch title. Well done Adrianne Anglin another trophy under your belt. Adrianne also had a nearest the pin. Top Golfing Girl!!!!

Monday we are off to Seymour for another round of Pennant, then on Wednesday it is the second round of the Kath Homewood. Hope to see you all there. Happy Golfing everyone!!!!

Adrianne Anglin Best Scratch score Broadford 2023

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