Brian/Bill Know the Course

Twenty three players on Wednesday for the seventh round of the Gender Challenge at Royal Yea. Conditions were excellent for the 4 Ball Better Ball event with two of the club’s ground staff volunteers taking out first place with 45 points. Brian Priestley(28) mows the rough and Bill Dredge(21) looks after the greens, they put their localknowledge together to win from Cindy Armstrong(35) and Judy Newman(44) who had 44 points.

Third with 43 points were Margie Wright(26) and Karen Sangster(24). Fourth on CB were Martin Lowe(20) and Alan Pell(14) from fifth Anthony Coleman(4) and Steve Rumney(25), with 6th Phil Armstrong(21) and guest Aaron Hinss(10) all with 42 points. NTP on the 11th were Cindy Armstrong and Ken Whitfort.

Individual winners were Di Elliott(27) with 39 points from second Judy Newman(44) 35 points for the Ladies. Brian Priestley(28) had 37 with Bill Dredge(21) 35 for the Men. The Club Award was won by Gary Pollard and Allan Thatcher.

Gender points were: 25 – Bill/Brian, 20 – Judy/Cindy. 15 – Margie/Karen, 10 – Alan/Martin, 5 – Anthony/Steve, Team Average 10 to the Ladies (41.4 to 41.1). Daily points were Ladies 45 to the Men 40. Overall score is Men 410 to the Ladies 185. Next week sees individual challenge matches worth 10 points each plus the normal point allotment. Best score receives the Ann Baynes Trophy.

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