Boys in Charge

Seventeen men and twelve ladies competed in the 6th round of the Gender Challenge at Royal Yea on Wednesday. Winner with a nett 66 was Neil Peterson(15) from second Alan Pell(14) with nett 68. Third on CB was Rob O’Halloran(20) with 69 on CB from Anthony Coleman(5) fourth. Fifth and first of the Ladies was Adrianne Anglin(12) with nett 71. Second for the Ladies was Sharon Grogan(33) with nett 72 and third was Dors Lehmann(33) with 76 on CB.

Team averages were Men 73.5 to the Ladies 78.2. Miranda Gill and Michael Sheather were NTP on the 2nd and Anthony Coleman and Adrianne Anglin won the putting with 25 and 29 putts respectively. Ken Whitfort won the Club Award.

The Gender Points after six rounds are now Men 370 and the Ladies 140. Next week in round seven sees a 4BBB event. 7:00 for a 7:30 hit-off.

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