Pair 22 – NYE

Twenty-six golfers played on Saturday in a pair 22 competition with some fantastic results. Winners were Michael Spagnolo(6)/Sharon Grogan(33) with a record score of 408 including a 44 point hole with both of them posting a 4 point stableford score! Second were Brian(12) and Christine Simmons(23) with 396 from third Phil Armstrong(21)/Steve Rumney(28) on 346. Fourth were Russell(23) and Jan Wealands(30) with 336. NTP on the 10th for 2 was Mic Spagnolo and for the Ladies in 3 was Penny Brittain. The lucky Club Award winners $10 were Jeff and Sue Aurisch.

Michael Spagnolo and Sharon Grogan

Individual ball winners were Christine Simmons – 2 with 40 points on CB from Sharon Grogan – 1 second and Mic Spagnolo – 1 third with 39 points. In Chooklotto – Penny won the Chicken Drumsticks and Neil Peterson won the stubbie holder.

Penny Brittain receives her Chooklotto prize

The Mens Eclectic finished on Saturday for the Year. So the handicap winner with 58 gross/52 nett was Brian Simmons on CB from Michael Spagnolo and Anthony Coleman both on nett 52. Scratch Winner was also on CB with Michael Spagnolo winning from Anthony Coleman both on 55.

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