Xmas Ambrose

The weather again took its toll on numbers as early morning rain put a few people off from attending. Twenty-one enthusiasts teed off with the weather being sunny and bright one minute followed by wind and rain showers the next. The winning combination (banned from now on) of Anthony Coleman(6), Sharon Grogan(33) and Penny Brittain(39) had 73 off the stick nett 60. Second with the best scratch score of 69 were Mic Spagnolo(7), Ken Whitfort(8) and Jan Wealands(30) nett 61.5. Third were Adrianne Anglin(12). Alan Pell(15) and Steve Rumney(28) with 73 nett 63 5/6. Fourth were Di Elliott(27), Meryl Connell(29) and Tom White(41) with 82 off the stick nett 65 5/6.

NTP on the second were Graeme Bryant and Adrianne Anglin, on the 11th Mic Spagnolo and Adrianne again. On the 14th was Rob O’Halloran and Meryl Connell on the 18th.

Dates for the Calendar are Murrindindi Masters Yea – January 14th. February 24th Corporate Day and May 20th Yea Centenary Ball.

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