Few But Brave

When I arrived this morning it was looking very sparse for competitors in the car park and rightfully so there were three and only three. Sadly it did not improve so three little petals (not the fairy tale, no wolves on our course) proceeded to the first hole for the days competition which was a monthly medal, round 3 of the Silver spoon and putting. Lot of threes happening on this day. Any hoo! an interesting day it was. Hey it didn’t rain that was a bonus and actually warmed enough that some layers were taken off spasmodically. Ground very wet in places other places dry. Think we found most of the wet places hence mowing a no go etc. Very easy to fix the fairways when we sliced our way to china a few times. You would not have known we were there. On the whole we had our moments of “oh poop” then others “Wow did you see that”. Best of all we were out there tapping that little white ball in great company. Thanks girls just what I needed.

After a roller coaster of a game there had to be a winner. Today Vicki Clements (25) took claim to fame with an 85 winning both Silver spoon and monthly medal. Meryl Connell (27) runner up 87 taking out the putting for the day with 30 putts and little old me Karen Sangster (24) 88 claim to fame, a Birdie Gobbler. So you can not say we didn’t share it around. HAPPY GOLFING EVERYONE!!

Today’s winner Vicki Clements

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