Competition on a come back

Although many are still away basking in the warmth of their holiday destinations some have returned to the wintery elements to participate in the game of golf. What a wintery game it is. The ground being saturated from the rain, fog preventing the warmth of the sun to dry the ground a little makes for a very hard day at the office. I discovered after not having played since the end of May, I was very golf unfit more so on heavy ground but, nonetheless it still was an enjoyable day trying to remember just how to do it. Even managed to throw in a couple of trick shots I had never seen before. I didn’t know one could actually bury their ball hitting it with such force that it could do a roller coaster type movement coming back out of the hole to spit out backwards. Hence the ball was further behind than when I had started. Very clever I thought although it did not help my score.

Due to all the elements and lack of players our program has had to have a little tweak here and there so today we started with the Margaret Samblebee stableford event. Margaret having joined the club in 1989 remained a member until 1996 having been a great club member also managed the handicap side of things. In 1996 Margaret’s family donated a beautiful brooch in memory of their Mother. The brooch can only be presented to the winner once. So in the following years the same members win again, their name is engraved on a plaque saving another brooch to be presented to a first time winner.

Today Seven ladies tried their luck, sadly there can only be one winner so the rest of us were more than happy to enjoy the company and a lovely afternoon tea. Winner after a close tussle Adrianne Anglin (12) won the day with 31 points. Vicki Clements (24) 30 points runner up. Adrianne also won the NTP. Congratulations !!! great golfing !!!!!

PLEASE NOTE: Starting Time for the month of August will be 9.30 for 10.00 start. Normal time will resume beginning September.

Last yrs Winner Sharon Grogan (left) presenting Adrianne Anglin the Margaret Samblebee plaque to which her name will be added

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