Prideaux 1st Round

Phil Armstrong on Wednesday

Saturday saw some sunshine on the course after another foggy morning. Nineteen men and four ladies ventured out on Royal Yea with the men contesting the first, off two, rounds for the Prideaux Cup. Winner of the day with 38 points was Greg Clements(17) three points clear of second Tony Rule(19), third Jonathan Fisher(13) and Mic Spagnolo(6) fourth. NTP on the 18th was Alan Pell and Neil Ross won the Club Award.

First round of the Club Knockout is just about complete with a couple of matches to be decided this week. The draw for round 2 to be completed in June is: B.Simmons v R.Wills, M.Sheather v A.Thatcher, J.Aurisch v M.Lowe, J.Phillips v TBD, C.Maffei v A.Pell, B,Dredge v N.Ross, G.Clements v N .McCallum, S.Wright v TBD.

The Ladies winner on Saturday was Cindy Armstrong(36) with 28 points.

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