Girls Season 2022 Officially Open

Today the beginning of a New Season and with much excitement in more ways than one! Even before getting into the girls news we must congratulate Brian Simmons for his spectacular hole in one today on the 18th. Glad he didn’t do that in the Gender challenge eh girls. Most considerate of you to save it until the Men’s Season we humbly thank you and once again Congratulations top effort!!!

Now, Opening Day Girls. Apart from the little bit of rain there was nothing to dampen the spirits. Wonderful to see a few new faces who are willing to become potentially New Members and of course some previous existing faces returning after a little break or perhaps a little longer break enjoying being back. Must say our Captain was on a mission to welcome all and not wishing anyone to leave the day without signing up. Such positivity and enthusiasm a joy to see.

Today our Life Member and previous Captain Miranda Gill hit the first ball for the Season then it was off to have some fun.

Nine holes Ambrose was the game for the day. Lots of laughter, hits n giggles. Perhaps a little frustration and whoops thrown in to the measure, but non the less it was a thoroughly entertaining day! Only to be topped by returning to the Club Rooms for a few drinks and a lovely lunch provided by the members. As usual plenty for all. We have some great cooks amongst the members. Thanks Girls!

Not only did we have our daily competition we also had the end of year presentations for the Birdies, Gobblers (getting the ball into the hole off the green no putting required) and the Eclectic 2021. I am most pleased to announce Miranda Gill was on a role for the day. Both Miranda and her partner for the day Judy Newman won the days event and then Miranda went onto to win not only the Gobbler Competition having had 12 for the year but also the Eclectic. Both Scratch 67 and the Handicap 59. Another great accomplishment for her. Congratulations Miranda!! Also Congratulations to Our Birdie Winner Adrianne Anglin having had 8 for the year. Well done girls now it is on to see how many can be achieved this year!

So girls I do believe it is the first Monthly Medal up for grabs next week look forward to seeing you there Happy Golfing Everyone!

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