3 Person Ambrose

To start the Winter Season of Golf at Royal Yea a 3 Person Ambrose was conducted on Saturday with over 30 players involved. Winners with 69 off the stick nett 58 were Sam(27) and Margie Wright(26) with Alan Pell(13). Second team was Phil(19)and Cindy Armstrong(34) with John Phillips(21) on 58 2/3 from third Anthony Coleman(7), Sharon Grogan(34) and Christine Simmons(21) with 58 5/6 nett. There were no NTP on the 14th and the Club Award went to Vicki, Vicky and Jo.

Tony Rule won the Chook

Tony Rule won Chooklotto, Rick Wills the stubbie holder and Brian Priestley collects the Body Shop goodies.

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