Ladies Win Gender Challenge

Wednesday saw 16 ladies and 20 men contest the final week of the Gender Challenge at Yea GC. There were 16 individual matches with a 8/8 split result worth 10 points for each winner. Winning for the Ladies were Sue Aurisch, Myrna Patterson, Vicki Clements, Di Elliott, Sharon Grogan, Dors Lehmann, Adrianne Anglin and Jo Clayton. For the men, Phil Armstrong, Ken Whitfort, Brian Simmons, Rob O’Halloran, Steve Rumney, Anthony Coleman, Paul Clayton and Allan Thatcher had wins.

Sharon Grogan with Adrianne Anglin receives The Ann Baynes Trophy

Winner of the day and the Ann Baynes Trophy Winner was Sharon Grogan(34) with 40 stableford points. This trophy is given in memory of Adrianne Anglin’s mother – avid golfer in her day in New Zealand. Second place went to Adrianne(12) who had 39 points on CB from Paul Clayton(12) third. Fourth on 38 points on CB from was Sue Aurisch(30) from Phil Armstrong(20) fifth. The team average went to the Ladies 32.1 to the Men 31.5 and NTP on the 14th were Russ Wealands and Judi Newman. The Club Award went to Neil Peterson.

Final Score for the Competition were Ladies 465 to the Men 375. The Gender Challenge has been going since 2012. This year has seen the Ladies take a 6/5 Overall advantage in the event.

The Ladies will be playing a 9 hole two person Ambrose next Wednesday before the delicious meal prepared by the men for lunch. Starting time will be for a 9:00am hit-off for the Ladies. The Men will play 18 holes stableford starting at 7:30am. Then on with the aprons for serving lunch at the Clubhouse.

Winning smiles from the Ladies

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