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Winter is well and truly here along with the covid blues hence not much has been happening on the home front. Even the author has been outta sorts so has to report from afar. Sorry for being a little late girls doesn’t make the wins any less.

Finally being allowed back on the course has been met with with extreme wet conditions. Carts banned only walking allowed. Volunteers have found it very hard to keep up the maintenance but as usual have done a sterling job. Hopefully things will dry out enough soon.

The fields have been very limited but as always those that front one will be a winner. On the 4th August a Monthly Medal was up for grabs and the winner for the day Adrianne Anglin not sure if the girls donned their gumboots for the event but even so congratulations!

11th August The Margaret Samblebe Brooch. Margaret joined the club in 1989 and was a member until 1996 as the handicap Manager. In memory of Margaret her family donated a beautiful Brooch which can be won only once and if you should win again your name will be engraved on her plaque but sorry can’t take home another brooch. This years winner another recipient of the Brooch being a relatively new member not having won before was grinning from ear to ear adding to her many accomplishments since joining the club. Congratulations Sharon Grogan you have done it again! Well done. As our Captain was away Presentations were handled by Di Elliott thanks Di great job!

Hopefully our weather will keep on improving and covid stays away so we can once again enjoy a good old game of golf and great company. Happy Golfing everyone!

Margaret Samblebe Brooch won by Sharon Grogan left Di Elliott Presenting

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