Winter tis here!

First the pause on golf. Good ol’ Covid rules again. Then when we are able to return to the course the Winter elements take over TOO WET!!!!! So when there is nothing else to do and all are feeling a little blue it is off to the local coffee shop we go. Mint n Jam today for a warm cup of hot chocolate or coffee whatever the taste buds require. I must say whilst approaching my destination those already seated their chatter could be heard a couple of shops away. No one or thing was going to dampen the comradeship of the local Golfing fraternity we would live to fight another day.

A little birdie flew in to report 5 Yea Members went to the sand scrapes of Avenel 17th June for a Par three event representing the vets. Must admit I am somewhat flabbergasted at some of the scores. Never heard such a score before but Congratulations to our Lady Member Helen Burnett (53) came in with a score of 57 points winning B Grade. I would be calling for a drug test ha ha. What a cream day!!!!!! Can’t imagine you are going to stay on that handicap for very long Well Done!!!! Believe she has gone off on a warm holiday to celebrate lucky you. Another new lady member Val Howard 45 points runner up Congratulations.

Saturday 20th 6 Ladies thankfully greeted with a very nice day but sadly scores not so good but regardless we have to have a winner and today was our beautiful Margie Wright 29 pts Congratulations Margie.

Moving onto Wednesday 23rd June. Days before the weather COLD BRRRRRR!!! I know my place 3 degrees still after lunch. Not enticing to say the least. Day before reports of rain, not looking promising. Go to bed see what happens. Well we woke to a heat wave 10 degrees! overcast but not raining as predicted. Yippy, pack the clubs off we go. 7 girls braved the day still positive, blowing a gale but hey not raining. What a hard day at the office. Great hits just bogged but still not raining, well just a little to annoy but, no “stay away rain just till we are finished” was the plea from all playing. Today another monthly medal and the third round of the silver spoon in contention. Whoo Hoo! we beat the rain. Thank you! A couple of our ladies were testing the elements for all that it was worth, was thinking they found a couple more fairways to play maybe? Nah. Just trying really hard. But who are we to scoff it paid off. In came the winner Congratulations Sharon Grogan (42) 78 points another job well done!!!! One member coming along in leaps n bounds. Well done! Love to see your enthusiasm and joy you find in your accomplishments. Enjoy! Our NTP ever so consistent Captain Miranda Gill plus gobblers for Di Holdsworth and Vicki Clements. Thank you to those on duty for the beautiful arvo tea. So nice to have after a hard cold day at the office. Let it rain which it did.

Next week Wed 30th June the first Winter gender challenge. Please remember that it is a 8.30 for 9.00 am start. Hope the fog is gone. Also be very mindful of the wet conditions and drive your carts appropriately. Also I would like to congratulate Seymour for winning the Division one pennant! A competition which was a pleasure to be in with you and the other clubs. Competition but always a great environment. Wonderful people! Happy Golfing Everyone!!!

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