Stableford Over Easter

Wednesday and Saturday Competitions saw reduced fields in the men as well as the ladies. 14 men on Wednesday and18 on Saturday participated. Best on Wednesday were Bob Glenister and Peter Johnston with 34 points. Next came Lachie Wischer , Neil Peterson and Ken Whitfort with 33. Peter Johnston was NTP on the 2nd and Brendan Chenhall was the Club Award winner. Saturday’s winner was Sam Wright with 35 points from second Mic Spagnolo 32, third Jonathon Fisher 31 and Rick Wills fourth with 30 on CB from Neil Peterson. Wayne Rowe was NTP on the 11th and Rob O’Halloran won the Club Award.

The new one golf system is up and running and members can book their intention to use on the one golf website login using their club number and password.

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