Ngo the Go

Eighteen men contested a stableford event on Wednesday with local pharmacist David Ngo(20) with 40 points winning from Steve Rumney(27) with 38. Bob Glenister(12) was third with 35 from fourth Neil Peterson(13) 34 on CB from Michael Sheather(38), There was no NTP on the second for two and Brian Priestley won the Club Award. Saturday saw the first round with everyone’s handicap shortened because the club has been rated on the blue course as 69 not 71 as it had been. This reflects some short term pain for long time gain. It will reflect a truer handicap in comparison with other courses. Saturday will also see a local rule change with the horse-trailer paddock being declared an OOB area not GUR as it has been.

Barry Moore to Lachlan Wischer

Saturday saw 23 players contest the second of two rounds for the board event, the Barry Moore Trophy. Even with a reduced handicap of 10 Lachie Wischer produced 40 points to win the day and take the Barry Moore by 3 points with a two round total of 84. Second with 39 points on the day and also second in the Barry Moore was two time defender Kevin Coghlan(18) who was trying to make it three years in a row.

Third on the day was John Tanner(20) with 37 points from fourth Rick Wills(6) 36 and fifth Bill Dredge(17) 34. Lachie was NTP on the 2nd and Greg Clements won the Club Award.

Barry Moore Trophy (top five)

Lachlan Wischer 84, Kevin Coghlan 81, Rick Wills 74, Brendan Chenhall 71, M.Sheather 69.

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