Penny Wins on CB

The sixth round of the Gender Challenge saw Penny Britton(46) with 39 points beat Ray Partridge(27) on CB. Third with 38 points was Brian Priestly(30) from Phil Armstrong(24) fourth on CB. Fifth was Jan Wealands(30) with 37 points. Ray Partridge and Adrianne Anglin were NTP on the 18th and David NGO won the Club Award. Seventeen men had a team average of 31.9 to the thirteen ladies with 30.5. Third for the Ladies was Judi Newman on CB with 33 points from 3 others.

Gender points for the round went to the Men 55 to the Ladies 30. Progressive Totals sees the Men 315 and the Ladies 195.

Saturday sees a 4 Ball Best Ball competition with players arranging their own partners.

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