Gender Challenge Rd 1

Yea had 43 golfers, 24 Men and 19 Ladies, contest the Stableford Event being the first for this summer’s Gender Challenge. The first five places receive 25 – 5 Gender Points plus the best team average receives 10 additional points.

Winner of the day was Gary Pollard(13) with 39 points from second Di Holdsworth(27) with 38 points on CB from Cheryl Roberts(31) third and Carl Maffei(24) fourth. Fifth on 37 also on CB was David Ngo(22). The team averages were Men 32.3 Ladies 31.7. Darcy Pell and Miranda Gill were respective NTP winners on the 2nd. Team scores after Round 1 Men -50 Ladies -35.

Men’s results: G.Pollard $60, C.Maffei (3 golf balls), D.Ngo (2), H.Stares (1) and B.Simmons (1). Russell Wealands scored the Club Award. Saturday is the Gold Medal playoff (Stroke & Putting).

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