Championships Begin

Weather certainly has been a bit of a conundrum of late and reading the weather forecast isn’t going to change some time soon but nevertheless lots of things have been happening on the golf course. Beginner schools have been a great success. Novices rocking up to have a go. Some having a real feel for the sport. Hopefully girls it will mean more new members! Girls that have been attending lessons & practice are continuing to grow in leaps n bounds. This week they had the pleasure learning the rules of Golf Etiquette, a very important part of golf. Most important not to upset the harmony of fellow golfers. Learning when to keep one’s mouth shut a good one. No one likes a yapper when they are trying hard to make the all important putt that could make or break their score. I have heard it said ” Silence is golden” a saying not to go underestimated in the Golfing World. Of course after digesting all that information all were rewarded by having some fun actually hitting the wee white, or coloured ball.

This week Wednesday 21st October, weather being very kind today, course in awesome condition Ladies had their first round of Club Championships. This year we are very proud to include a D grade for our newest members. Has been a long time since we have had the numbers to include the extra grade. Go girls! One down three rounds to go and lucky us can drop our worst score. I won’t disclose all the scores other than to say there is some hot competition happening looking forward to the weeks ahead. Want to keep you all in suspenders ha ha.

Of course we had our daily competition and a name we have seen quite a bit of late just went and popped itself up yet again. Yep Sue Aurisch (35) came in with a 71 nett to pip off the Captain Doreen Lehmann (35) 72. A little birdie told me they have a little encourager between the two and at this rate someone might get her wager back. Congratulations girls! No NTP but Di Holdsworth and Regi Bell had gobblers and Vicki Clements a Birdie

This week a big shout out to Margie Wright who is going to be the Special Birthday Girl October 23rd. Have a wonderful day Margie we look forward to seeing you soon!

Tomorrow the all important Bruce Kindred Cup 4BBB is going to “KICK OFF” 9.00 for 9.30 start. All encouraged to dress in their Team Colours. HAPPY GOLFING !!! Good luck to those fortunate enough to be in the Footy Finals!!!!!!

Etiquette Lesson with encourager (pink) Cheryl Roberts

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