Adrianne Beats the Boys

Wednesday saw the final round of the mini Gender Competition with Adrianne Anglin(15) securing the day’s win with 74 nett, winning on CB from Mic Spagnolo(8) and Martin Lowe(17). Brian Simmons(11) was fourth win nett 75 and also won NTP on the 2nd. Ray Partridge took out the Club Award. Team Av. Men – 79.8 Ladies – 85.

Putting for the Men was won by Mic Spagnolo with 25 putts and Adrianne Anglin won the Ladies with 27. Gender points for the day were Men 22 to the Ladies 20. Overall result was Men – 106 to the Ladies – 20. The second round of the knockout cup should be played by the end of the month. Listed below is the draw.

Round 2: R.Partridge v G.Clements, R.O’Halloran v K.Whitfort, J.Aurisch v R.Wealands, P.Armstrong v B.Dredge, W.Rowe v D.Ngo, B.Simmons v C.Maffei, J.Fisher v B.Glenister, S.Wright v G.Pollard.

Wet but beautiful, tree on the 8th

Wednesday July 15th, 2020.

Saturday will be the third round of the Sichlau Trophy – Medal, Stroke & Putting. Conditions will remain with Preferred Lies Thru the Green plus Tee Up option on fairways.

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