Fresh Buds Bloom

I ask has anyone noticed there has been an early growth of spring flowers already appearing in our gardens? Strange eh? We have all experienced every form of weather known to man, time of the year eh? Golf cancelled for many reasons one recently course closed TOO WET. But this has not deterred new life, new enthusiasm or passion in new buds growing on our golf course. You ask what new buds? has the reporter gone a little strange over lock down. Well that could be debatable but no we have some wonderful new members that have been totally bitten by the golfing bug and unfortunately there is no cure! One just has to feed this disease or all can go mad. You thought Covid was bad? well do not take on a golfer unable to play. My advice do not approach they are not responsible for their actions. We all know as committed golfers this disease, which has also consumed us we can not, nor want to find a cure we just LOVE THE GAME OF GOLF!!!! I am very happy to report the efforts to maintain, encourage and enlighten rules, golf etiquette and their new love of golf by many of the older members has been made more than ready. Many have taken on the responsibility to take the time to take the new members out on the golf course (of course under the distance rules) to encourage, give a few tips, rules etc. they are really happy with their progress. Many have shown that they are more than capable to progress. So to ensure that they need more practice along with some wishing well done! You need to be rewarded a trip to Thurgoona . Many took on that challenge and what can I say their golf had another learning curve. Many hadn’t experienced bunkers. Fun aren’t they! Sadly we don’t have any to practice but I am assured they loved the trip and the lessons learned. I am assured they have been conditioned golf trip stays on golf trip! Great news! Great Club to join! come have fun with us! more the merrier!!.

Happy Golfing my friends

golf trip
Girls Thurgoona trip

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