First Round NJ Murray

There were 20 men and 6 Ladies on Royal Yea on Saturday. The men’s competition was won by Rob O’Halloran(18) with 35 Stableford Points. The next four had 30 points and on CB Brian Simmons(10) was second, Phil Armstrong(24) third and fourth Kevin Coghlan(19) was fourth from Jeff Aurisch(16). There was no NTP on the 14th and the Club Award was won by Neil Peterson. So Rob has a 5 point lead going into the final round next Saturday.

Wednesday sees a 3 Person Irish Stableford Teams Competition. You play Stableford with the best score of 1 person counted on the first six holes. The best two scores on holes 7 – 12 and all scores on holes 13 – 18. Individual Stableford scores will play for golf balls. Book and join teams on website by contacting the Club Captain Alan.

Remember that you need to not only have to send results to Pelly but if you want your card to be recorded for the eclectic competition then also send to Brian Simmons.

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