Gender Challenge Result Wk8

Thirty three golfers attended the Par Event on Wednesday. The winner of the day was Bob Glenister(10) on CB from Gary Pollard(12) second, Adrianne Anglin(14) third all on +1 and Ken Whitford(8) fourth with Square. Fifth was Vicky Butler(34 on CB from Vicki Clements(22) with Square also. Neil Peterson(13) was fourth for the men with Square. Ray Partridge was NTP on the 11th. The Men won the 10 points for team average. The Club Award went to Ivor Brayley. Hg

So Gender points went to the Men 1st, 2nd, 4th and team average (65) and the Ladies 3rd and 5th (20). Progress Scores with 1 round to go are the Ladies 375 Men 305. There are head to head singles Stableford matches next week with players drawn out to play each other. Each match is worth 10 points plus the usual 85 points is also available as well. Over 200 points to be allotted next week. It seems it will be an exciting finish to the summer competition.

Dalhousie Vets were at Kilmore on Thursday. There were 70 players with 7 from Yea. Best of the Yealiens was Terry Chaplin on CB from John Anstey with 33 points. Kilmore had dry fairways and patchy greens. Makes you appreciate how good our course is because we have water. There is no organised competition on Saturday as over 20 players will be supporting the Murrindindi Masters at Eildon GC. We are expecting to have the new program book back from the printers soon. We will post the 2020-2021 program ASAP on the club website.

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