Meat Pies/Sausages Bread?

It would appear that after another excellent result from the Ladies on Wednesday that the Gender Lunch this year which is provided by the losing side could be meat pies and sausages in bread. Several men have been seen stocking up on black/gold sauce at the supermarket!

Fifteen men and thirteen ladies participated in the Par Event on Wednesday with the Ladies taking all 85 Gender Points with the first five placings plus a better team average. Winner of the day with +8 was Sue Aurisch(37) from second Di Holdsworth(23) with +5 . Third was Myrna Patterson(29) with +4. Fourth and fifth were Miranda Gill(16) and Di Elliott (24) on +3 on CB.

Michael Spagnolo(7) and Jeff Aurisch(15) were best of the men with +3 from third Steve Wealands +2 with Chris Smith(26) fourth with square. Mic Spagnolo was NTP and Carl Maffei won the Club Award.

Tremendous to see that Yea has 30 players, roughly a third of the field, entered on Saturday in the Murrindindi Masters at Marysville.

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