Clean Sweep by Ladies

Wednesday saw the Ladies take a commanding lead in the third round of the Gender Challenge at Royal Yea Golf Club. With only 10 Ladies to the Men’s 19 the girls took out the first five and team average to score a maximum 85 points and take a 65 point lead in the nine week competition.

Winner of the stableford day with 44 points was Miranda Gill (17). Second with 40 points was Dors Lehmann(38) from third Di Elliott(24) 37. Fourth was Myrna Patterson(28) on CB from fifth Adianne Anglin(16) both with 35 points. Team Average for the Ladies was 32.4 to the men 31.5. Best of the Men was Rob O’Halloran(17) with 34 on CB from Trevor Connell(18) and Martin Lowe(16). Fourth for the Men was Chris Smith(26) with 32 points. There was no NTP on 11th and Michael Sheather won the Club Award.

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