Karen Sangster Wins at Gender Challenge

35 Golfers Assembled for Gender Challenge

Wednesday saw the start of the Summer Gender Challenge, which when completed will include 8 rounds of varying golf. With 19 men and 16 Ladies participating in this round, it was fantastic to see four lady nine holers joining us for the first time. Their score is doubled to include their results and with another 9 holes in the future their card can be handicapped.

Karen Sangster and Steve Rumney

Winner of the Ladies and also the Gender Challenge for Week one was Karen Sangster(25) with 38 points. Winner of the Men and second in the Gender Challenge was Steve Rumney(30) with 37 points. For the Ladies Jan Wealands(27) with 35 was second from Margie Wright(23) third on CB from Merryn Tulloch fourth, one of the nine holers.

For the men, Alan Pell(12) with 36 was second from Brian Simmons(10) third on CB from Neil Peterson(16) with 35. Michael Sheather won the NTP on the second and sank the birdie. Michael also won the Club Award.

Week One Gender Points:

Karen Sangster 25, Jan Wealands 10 – Ladies 35.

Steve Rumney 20, Alan Pell 15, Brian Simmons 5,

Team Average 10 – Men 50

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