Christmas Ambrose/Smith Trophy

Wednesday saw 11 teams of three participating in an Ambrose Event and then all had a wonderful lunch which included a Kris Kringle. The winners of the day with 74 off the stick nett 58.2 were Vicky Butler, Martin Lowe and Reggie Bell. Second on CB was Russell Wealands, Meryl Connell and Bob Glenister with 70 nett 60 from third Michael Spagnolo, Ken Whitfort and Penny Britton. NTP on the 18th was Vicki Clements.

Saturday saw the second and final round of the A.H. Smith Trophy conducted at Royal Yea. Clear Winner of the day and the Smith Trophy was John Tanner(19) with 39 points on the day and 74 over the two rounds. Second to fifth were all decided on CB with 36 points each. Second was Trevor Connell(19) from third Neil Peterson(14), fourth Greg Clements(16) and fifth Michael Spagnolo(8). NTP on the 2nd was Martin Lowe, the 11th was Lachie Atkins and the 18th was Michael Spagnolo. Brad Clements took out the Club Award.

The first five in the A.H. Smith Trophy were John Tanner 74, Peter Johnston 68, Trevor Connell 67, Rick Wills 66 and Michael Spagnolo 64.

Gary Pollard presents the A.H.Smith Trophy to John Tanner

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