Last but not least!

Well Spring certainly turned to Summer in one foul swoop took a little to adjust but we managed. Our last but not least competition concluded for the year now we await for the famous Gender challenge to begin look out boys some of the girls are in mighty fine form!

Wednesday we had our second and last round of the Mona Clark Aggregate Stableford event. Mona’s first shield started in 1984 so this year is the beginning of another new shield to fill. Mona started playing golf at a wee age of 18 in 1934 and continued to do so for 50 or more years hence of course made a life member for her contribution to golf. Mona also served as President for 3 years in 1963, 64 and 65.

This year to start the brand new shield a very much in form new comer Meryl Connell (34) took the honours in a count back from Adrianne Anglin (16). The first round Adrianne led the field having had a 37 pts and Meryl third having had 34 pts. 2nd round Adrianne had another fine 37 pts very consistent playing but young Meryl had another blitzer coming in with 40 pts making them both 74pts. Fortunately for Meryl the count back sealed her victory! Meryl also the daily winner took home the money, a beautiful Fruit cake donated by Steve Rumney of “Mandy’s Company” and her name on the brand new shield Go Girls! To top off the day a past President and club member also having known Mona Jenny Purvis came to present the Trophy and have a short reminisce on the life of Mona something very much appreciated by many of us who didn’t have the pleasure thank you Jenny Happy golfing everyone!

Jenny Purvis presenting winner of the Mona Clark trophy Meryl Connell

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