Ngo Yes Ngo

Wednesday saw 19 men play Royal Yea Golf Course in a stableford event. Although a little dewy to start off it soon turned into a brilliant day of sunshine. Winner with 37 points was David Ngo(25) from second Alan Pell (13) with 33. Third with 32 points was Ken Whitfort from Peter Johnston(15) fourth with 31 on CB from 3 others. Ken Whitfort was NTP on the 14th and Neil Ross took out the Club Award.

Thursday saw 5 players from Yea at the Alexandra Course for Dalhousie Vets. Best of the Yealiens was Alan Pell with 33. Names are coming in for the Grand final Holiday Stableford and 4BBB. Entry is $10 a person so mark it down in your diary Remember the limited full membership for $150 is still available until the end of October.

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