From the President’s desk

Hi, all,

The warmer weather’s here showing-off the Golf Course in all its magnificence!

The ‘Snake’ mower is performing brilliantly, and as I type, spraying of the cape weed in the rough is being done – in a week or two it’ll be ‘Game On’!

Our Membership-drive has proved very successful, with 15 new Members (so far) joining the Club, with a couple of new male Members joining and playing in this Wednesday’s (18th) golf game!

Peter Keast (our greens keeper) thinks he has solved our problem of grass coverage on the 7th and 14th greens from last summer… he believes the grass covered itself with a film (or soap barrier) which stopped water penetrating to the root system. He has now coated the greens with a wetting agent and now all seems to be working, with water now penetrating into the soil…Great work Peter!

Congratulations to Jeff Aurisch, as it looks like he has sold the ‘Stealth’ mower! (The ‘Stealth’ mower was replaced with the newer ‘Snake’). The money from the sale will further decrease the price paid for the ‘Snake’ mower.

The Ladies are in the middle of their Club Championships and the first two weeks have proved difficult going, due to the heavy conditions under foot…good golfing ladies for the remainder of the Championships.

I suggested to the Board that we should look to the future and produce a ‘Five Year Plan’, or, as I put it, a list of items for the Club Members to look at, which could improve the Club and Club facilities. And, so, Members, put pen to paper and send your ideas to me at the Club.
eg; A Grass nursery for growing replacement grass for greens and fairways.
A net for member to use to practice their golf shots.

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