David Ngo Wins Stableford

Wednesday saw 12 players contest a stableford event with David Ngo(25) winning on CB from Bill Dredge(22) with 33 points. Jeff Aurisch(17) was third with 32 points on CB from Ivor Brayley (29). There was no NTP and John Anderson won the Club Award.

Thursday saw 5 Yealiens venture to Strathbogie for Dalhousie Veterans. Sixty players were in attendance and the best result for Yea was Alan Pell(13) with 36 points, winning A Grade.

1 thought on “David Ngo Wins Stableford”

  1. Pelly is a bit modest, or he’s having a senior moment…
    Not only did he win the Vets A grade, he won the NTP, The Vets Raffle
    and to top it off, he won the Yea Vets gold coin award!
    Well done Captain!!


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