Girly competition galore

What a day at the office! While waking to the sound of the pitter-patter of raindrops thinking one was going to have to don the rain gear and grim and bear it Surprise! once again as predicted and (they are not very often right) rain eased and did not return till after all had finished and conquered. Actually turned out to be a very pleasant day to play golf as all the winners will agree!

Today we had the Club final for the Silver spoon winner to play at the State final Keysborough November 8th. This year only three girls managed to place during the year some winning more than once, those were Miranda Gill (15), Margie Wright (26) and Jan Wealands (29). Although all played very well there is only one winner Jan Wealands Nett 71. Congratulations Jan may you enjoy your experience at Keysborough and GOOD LUCK!

The next competition for the day was another Monthly Medal. The Silver spoon finalists weren’t permitted to compete for the medal as they already have one and so enabled another to claim one for the month, sharing the spoils we call it and also giving another a chance to compete for the Gold at the end of the year. Today our Captain Vicky Butler (34) took the spoils Nett 70. Putting was taken out by Di Holdsworth 26 putts. Competition for the day all were up for the winning prize once again Vicky Butler took the honours with a count back for runner up between Di Holdsworth and Jan Wealands once again Jan winning on her half a point something she is making a habit of. I should know having also been a recipient of the half a point. Ha Ha Go Jan! Awesome

We would also like to congratulate Bob Glenister Top Hole in One!!!!!!! Happy Golfing everyone!

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