Bob Scores Hole-In-One

Wednesday saw five teams of two contest an Ambrose Event at Royal Yea. Highlight of the day was Bob Glenister holding out on the second 140m for the second time on that hole, He also did this eight years ago in 2011.

Bob Glenister

Winners of the Ambrose were Alan Pell(13) and John Anderson(36) with 74 off the stick nett 61 3/4. Welcome John to Mid-Week Golf. He certainly helped Alan by sinking a few putts in the round which included 4 birdies. Runner’s Up were Gary Pollard(10) and Martin Lowe(14) with 72 off the stick nett 66. Lucky Club Award Winners were David Ngo and Peter Johnston who took home $5 each. Guess who won NTP? He received a couple of golf balls for his great shot. Bob was a good sport and shouted a drink at the bar for all the boys!

Bruce Kindred, Russell Wealands and John Anderson await their turn on the 14th tee.

Wednesday’s Ladies Golf and a stroke and putting round, saw Vicky Butler(34) win on CB from Jan Wealands(28) with a nett 70. Di Holdsworth won the putting with 26 putts. Last Sunday saw several of the Club Members construct the framework for the new Ladies Toilet behind the 7th green. Named as the “Bunker” by chief organiser Jeff Aurisch, many thanks go to Bill Dredge, John Tanner, Carl Maffei, Brian Simmons and Jeff, for their contributions so far on this project.

The Bunker

The course is looking good at the moment but hopefully the coming rain will be ideal for us all! Saturday sees the second round of the 54 Hole Event with a Par Round.

2 thoughts on “Bob Scores Hole-In-One”

  1. It’s amazing how a player can have a hole in one and on the same day, I watched as Bob played a shot on the 11th…and it went 9″
    It’s a funny game golf
    Yes and I also congratulate the boys for giving up their Sunday to construct the new toilet…well done

  2. Ivor
    Here’s me thinking you were in the garden working. It seems you were just watching and waiting for players to mess up


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