Men’s Club Knockout

This year there will be a new event with a Club Knockout for men. The draw will be held on men’s opening day on March 23rd (which is a three person Ambrose).


Players(32) to be drawn to play each other in (16 matches) in the first round. if more than 32 players then a preliminary round will precede the first round. 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounds can be 9 or 18 hole contests, agreed upon before play starts. Players must play in the same group but can use either social or club events which involve Stableford, Stroke or Par to determine a winner. Count backs will decide the result. Semifinals and the final must be 18 hole events. If matches are not played or notified by the due date then both players will be eliminated from the knockout. If you are a playing member and do not wish to participate can you please notify Club Captain Alan before the 23rd.

Preliminary Round to be completed before the end of April (Sat. 27th). First Round – by the end of May (Fri. 30th). Second Round – by the end of June (Fri.28th).n Third Round – by the 2nd August (Fri.). SemiFinals – by the 30th August (Fri.).n Final – by the 20fh September (Fri.).All match results to be the responsibility of the winner to notify the Club Captain.

The idea of players arranging to play with other members at Royal Yea can only boost our club participation. It is not match play but rather a contest on the day.
Alan Pell 0402805519

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