Ladies take Control

Ten Ladies Versus Fourteen Men in the second round of the summer Gender Challenge and the women have dominated results to take an early lead in the competition.

Winner of the day was Sue Aurisch(38) with 42 stableford points followed by Lorraine Callander(15) with 41, Miranda Gill(16) with 39 and Adrienne Anglin(16) with 37.  Best for the Men was Peter Johnston(16) with 37 with Michael Spagnolo(7) second on CB from Ivor Brayley(27) on 34 points.

There was no NTP on the 11th and David Ngo took out the Club Award for the Men. The team averages were Ladies 34.8 to the Men 29.7.  The Gender Points for the day(42 Points) all went to the Ladies.    Totals after 2 rounds – Ladies 64 Men 20.

There will be no Gender Challenge next week as the course is being cored. The men will be going to join In with Broadford next Wednesday.


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