Rick Wills A Grade Champion

Rick Wills

The third round of the Yea Golf Club Championships was concluded Saturday after a delayed start due to the wet conditions.  In A Grade Rick Wills(6) was able to maintain his lead winning by three strokes with a total of 239 for the three rounds, from Michael Spagnol(7) second and Gary Pollard(12) two shots back in third.  In B Grade Jeff Moss(14) held on to his 5 stroke lead to claim his first club title with 264.  Dredge(22) won the C Grade Championship with 292.  Both Jeff with 220 nett and Bill with 211 nett won the handicap awards for their grades as well.  The Clark Trophy for best overall handicap winner was A Grade player Gary Pollard who completed 3 week’s winning form totalling 206 nett.

Gary Pollard won the day event with a nett 72, with Brian Simmons(11) second on 74.  Third on CB was Peter Williams(24) from Michael Spagnolo(7) and Jeff Moss(14) on 75.  The putting was won by Brian Simmons with 26 putts and the NTP was Peter Williams on the 14th.  Kevin Coghlan won the Club Award.

The Chooklotto stubbie holder was won by Peter Williams and the Chook by Peter Johnston.

Final Championship Results:

A Grade-                Stroke     Handicap    B Grade-

Rick Wills                239         227              Jeff Moss               264   220

Michael Spagnolo  242         221               Greg Clements     272    227

Gary Pollard            244         206              Martin Lowe         274    229

Brian Simmons        261         228              Rob O’Halloran     283   229

Alan Pell                   264        224               Kevin Coghlan      291    249

Neil Peterson           268        227

C Grade-

Bill Dredge                 292       211

Ivor Brayley                320       236


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