Carl beats Doc on countback

Freshly recovered from his battle with pneumonia, Carl Maffei dragged himself out of bed to win today’s Mens stableford round with a fine 34 points. Carl narrowly beat doctor, Martin Lowe on countback carding 19 points to Martins 16 on the back nine.

On a beautiful Spring day Neil Peterson was third with 33 and Peter Johnston won NTP on the 2nd.

Shot of the day however went to new Club Member, David Ngo who miraculously landed his second shot high up in the judges stand on the 4th hole. Not being that familiar with the local rules, David grabbed his club and climbed the ladder to play the ball from where it lay….but his playing partners took pity and explained that he could take a drop!

David’s game is improving greatly and he is to be commended for his dedication and willingness to learn and have a go. It won’t be long and he will be in the winners circle. Keep it up David.

Our players have a lot of fun and laughs while playing at ‘Royal’ Yea and take a bit of male jesting, or is that jousting (??) all in our stride.

Shot of the day went to new member David Ngo who managed to land his ball in the Judges Box on the 4th fairway. His playing partners explained the rule allowing David to take a drop, but only after he climbed up with a club to play from where his ball had landed.

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