Huge Numbers at Mid Week Challenge

As the Gender Competition heads towards it’s completion at the end of the month, plenty of participants ventured to Royal Yea for Wednesday’s round. 15 Men and 13 Ladies hit off at 8:30am.

Ladies discuss tactics

Ladies winner of the day was Marianne Peterson(45) on CB with +1. Second was Miranda Gill(16), third was Lorraine Callender(14j from Cheryl Roberts(29) all on CB.

Mens Winner was Ivor Brayley(23) with +2.  Second with -1 was Peter Williams(22), with Ray Partridge(24) third with -2.

There was no NTP on the 11th and Sam Wright won the Club Award.

Gender Points were Ivor 20!  The girls, the rest, 22! So with two rounds to go the Ladies have made a steady comeback to be only 28 points behind!   Men 288  Ladies 260.

Huge Number at Royal Yea!

Gary No.70 from the Cats!


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